About Dental Implants

about_dental_implant_img_1What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are ideal missing teeth solutions composed of a titanium root, and a dental
restoration (such as a dental crown or a dental bridge). These implants replace the form
and the function of teeth that are lost, and are embedded directly into the jaw bone to
provide a secure anchor for the prosthetic teeth restorations.

Dental implants as missing teeth replacements bring back beautiful smiles which were lost along with the natural teeth.

The Harlestone Road Dental Care practice uses Nobel Biocare dental implant system, which
is one of the leading implant systems in the world.

We use these high quality implants which have been clinically
tested to provide efficient and long-lasting missing teeth solutions,
compared to other implant systems that have not undergone (or
passed) strict clinical testing and quality controls.


dental_implants_typesWho Can Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide ideal solutions for your missing teeth problems. The implants,
together with the dental restoration attached to them, will replace the form and function
of missing teeth – whether you have a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or all
teeth missing.

Dental implants will also solve the
problems caused by loose dentures.

The implants will be used to secure the dentures into place, so that they will stop moving
around unnecessarily inside the mouth and stop causing a great deal of pain and


enjoy implantsBenefits of Dental Implants

Aesthetic Improvement

Tooth loss can have a severe impact to a smile’s appearance – it becomes incomplete and
unhealthy looking with missing teeth. Dental implants replace natural missing teeth,
bringing back the attractiveness and healthiness of a natural-looking smile.

Speech Improvement

It is very difficult to speak clearly with missing teeth. A dental implant treatment solves the
speech difficulties resulting from tooth loss, making speech clearer and naturally easier to

Prevents Bone Deterioration

Jaw bone deterioration is inevitable when natural teeth are lost; tooth loss which is left
untreated will negatively affect the quality of the jaw bone with the passage of time.
Dental implants replace the function of the natural tooth’s root, preventing the onset of
jaw bone deterioration.

Dental Implants in Detail

dental implantsThe dental implants treatment involves the attachment of the titanium implant into the jaw
bone; this artificial tooth root provides a secure anchor to which the dental prosthetic will
be attached.

Prior to the actual implant treatment, a treatment plan will be formulated
which includes getting diagnostic images (x-rays, CT scans, and digital images) to ensure
the precision of the dental implant placement.

The patient’s complete medical history will
also be reviewed to determine the suitability for the implant treatment.

Traditional dental implants need to have a healing period which may take a few months,
during which period the implant will be left alone to integrate with the surrounding tissue;
following this healing period, the dental crown or the dental bridge can then be attached
to the implant to provide ideal solutions for missing teeth.

However, immediate implants or same-day implants can be loaded and attached to a teeth restoration (such as a dental
crown or a dental bridge) within the same day, in just one visit to the dentist.