Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics
Braces aren’t just for teenagers and at Harlestone Road dental practice we have discreet, effective braces that no one else will even be able to see.
I am looking for completely invisible braces, what are my options?
At Harlestone road Dental practice we offer the tooth aligners, which are made from clear plastic and sit completely unnoticed over your teeth, Aligner braces are also removable for flexible use.
Our fixed adult braces are made from a clear ceramic material making them very discreet and comfortable to wear.

invisible braces

invisible braces

I am looking for fast treatment, what are my options?
Quick straight teeth (QST) is an innovation in the brace world and can create a stunning smile in as little as 3-6 months. QST clear braces that are fixed to the teeth incorporating tooth coloured brackets and wires for discreet quick brace treatment.

I don’t want a fixed brace, what are my options?
The aligners are comprised of a clear bar in front of the teeth and a coiled spring at the back. This combination gently squeezes the teeth into place, utilising both forces to move teeth in as little as 16 week for some cases. The aligner is also completely removable and can be taken out for eating, drinking and social occasions

Quick Straight Teeth allows us to give patients the smile they have always wanted in a very minimally invasive, cost effective, cosmetic & comfortable method. The laboratory we use is based in England allowing for great communication and tailored treatment plans; also meaning lab costs stay low so the cost to patients is substantially less than all other systems with treatments starting from £1250.

The price quoted will include all appointments needed, materials used, emergency appointments and long term fixed and removable retainers to maintain alignment forever, meaning no hidden fees or unexpected surprises.

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