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QST Case 2

Quick Straight Teeth Patient details: Miss C M is a 28 year old young professional from Northampton. Main concern with teeth: Miss C M did not like how her upper right canine tooth was set back in her bite and looked like it was not there. She wanted her canine brought out to match her other...
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QST Case 1

Quick Straight Teeth Patient details: Mrs Bennison is a 38 year old from Northampton who works in Admin Main concern with teeth: Mrs Bennison hated how in pictures it looked like she was missing a tooth when actually it was just set back and caused a shadow. Treatment plan: We fitted Mrs...
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Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics Braces aren’t just for teenagers and at Harlestone Road dental practice we have discreet, effective braces that no one else will even be able to see. I am looking for completely invisible braces, what are my options? At Harlestone road Dental practice we offer the tooth...
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