Patient Safety & Asepsis

Efficient Infection Control, for Guaranteed


The safety of our patients, as well as our staff members, is our paramount concern.

We take all the necessary precautions to keep you and our staff protected – such as the sterilisation of instruments, the use of disposable gloves, needles, and face masks, and overall safeguarding especially during and after surgical procedures.

We understand the importance of asepsis (by definition, the state of being free from contaminants that can cause diseases) and infection control to the peace of mind of our patients. The anxiety or nervousness felt by patients when coming in for dental treatments may be magnified with even the thought of being exposed to contaminants or infectious matter. We do our best to comply with infection control standards to eliminate any risks for both patients and our staff, so that the safety and peace of mind of everyone involved is assured.

Post-operative infection is a risk factor in dental practices, especially for procedures that involve even a small degree of surgical treatment. Diseases can be transmitted through the blood, and through the various openings in the human body. An open mouth or even an open incision inside the mouth can be high-risk areas where air-borne pathogens can enter during a dental procedure.

Keeping the surroundings clean, as well as the strict compliance to safety procedures for infection control, will greatly minimise or eliminate the dangerous risks.